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Winter Garage Door Tips: Prevent Frozen and Damaged Components

As the chilly nights set in across Poquoson, it’s important homeowners follow some winter garage door maintenance tips. Frigid temperatures and heavy snows can wreak havoc on even the sturdiest overhead door systems if not properly prepared. Here are a few ways to prevent freeze-ups and costly damage this season.

Garage Door Tips

Lubricate Moving Parts

Before the real cold hits, spray all hinges, rollers, pulleys and tracks with a dry silicone lubricant. This forms a barrier to repel collected moisture that could otherwise freeze components in place. Reapply lubricant after any significant snowfall as well.

Seal Air Leaks

Inspect weatherstripping around the perimeter of the door for cracks or gaps. Replace any failing seals so cold air can’t infiltrate and freeze inside surfaces or machinery. Properly insulating the garage from outdoor extremes is key to winter operation.

Disconnect Opener

If extremely low temperatures are forecast, it may be wise to manually disengage the garage door opener mechanics as an added precaution. This prevents potential motor or circuit damage from ice buildup and freezing. Reconnect once warmer weather returns.

Elevate Safety Sensors

Winter snowloads can sometimes cause them to be temporarily triggered until cleared away. For the season, consider raising optical eye sensors higher on the wall to avoid blocked signals that may not reverse a closing door properly in Poquoson.

Clear Away Snow & Ice

Always keep the tracks brushed clean so the door can travel freely. Pushing or prying on a frozen mechanism may bend or crack components. Allow thawing naturally or use de-icer spray carefully, avoiding electronics and rollers if possible.

Adjust Door Seal

As freezing weather seals in moisture, the garage door may start dragging against the floor. Loosen bottom brackets slightly until it clears fluffy drifts and seals back up tight in warmer conditions. Don’t over-adjust the seal.

Protect Electricals

If your opener has an external power cord, be sure it’s safely housed in conduit off the garage floor where it could contact road salt or meltwater. Consider relocating the control panel inside the home as well for the winter.

Inspect Hardware

Rust and corrosion significantly weaken materials over time in a harsh climate like Poquoson’s. Check any metal components for signs of deterioration and replace as needed before failure becomes an issue. Reinforce the entire system for winter’s abuses.

Having Integrity Garage Door Repair perform an annual winterization helps prevent nasty freeze-ups, damages or unsafe operation at your Poquoson garage. Contact us to schedule service before old man winter arrives in force.

We hope these winterizing tips help keep your Poquoson garage door functioning smoothly when sub-zero weather strikes. Call Integrity Garage Door Repair for any needed service or repairs throughout the cold season!


Along with the cleaning/lubricating tips above, try applying a de-icing solution called Solar Heat before it freezes. This thins and penetrates ice buildup using solar absorption properties. You can also install a small heater with a thermostat inside the garage to maintain above-freezing temps when occupied. Proper door sealing is also critical to minimizing frozen lockups.

Slight steel panel warping can occur from extreme temperature swings and is considered normal wear. As long as it doesn’t compromise functionality or safety, it may not require replacement. Monitor for worsening or additional damage. Exposure to direct sunlight may also contribute to the issue and could be resolved by installing sunscreens or painting a dark finish onto the door.