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What to Do When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to garage doors, the springs play a vital role in ensuring smooth operation and balance. However, it’s common for garage door springs to break over time, causing inconvenience and potential safety risks. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the signs of a broken garage door spring, the risks involved, and the steps you can take to address the issue promptly and effectively. 

At Integrity Garage Door Repair, we understand the importance of a functional garage door. We are here to provide you with the knowledge you need to handle this situation confidently.

Garage Door Spring Breaks

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

Unusual Sounds: If you notice loud and sudden noises coming from your garage door during operation, such as a loud snap or bang, it could indicate a broken spring. These sounds often occur when the spring gives way under tension.

Imbalanced Door: A broken garage door spring can cause the door to become imbalanced, making it difficult to open or close smoothly. You may notice that one side of the door appears higher than the other or that the door feels heavier than usual.

Garage Door Won’t Open: When a spring breaks, it can render your garage door inoperable. If you cannot open the door manually or using the opener, a broken spring could be the culprit.

Risks of a Broken Garage Door Spring

Property Damage: A garage door with a broken spring can slam shut unexpectedly, potentially causing damage to your vehicle, belongings, or even personal injury. It’s crucial to address the issue promptly to minimize the risk of accidents.

Strained Opener: When the springs are damaged, the garage door opener has to work harder to compensate for the lack of balance. This increased strain on the opener can lead to premature wear and tear, reducing its lifespan and requiring costly repairs or replacements.

Steps to Take When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

Avoid DIY Repairs: Repairing or replacing garage door springs is a complex and potentially dangerous task. It is best left to trained professionals with the necessary expertise and tools. Attempting to fix the spring yourself can result in further damage or personal injury.

Contact a Professional: Contact a reputable garage door repair contractor, like Integrity Garage Door Repair in Poquoson, who specializes in spring replacements. They will assess the situation, recommend the appropriate spring type for your door, and ensure a safe and efficient repair.


A broken garage door spring is a significant inconvenience and safety concern. Recognizing the signs of a broken spring, understanding the risks involved, and taking prompt action by contacting a professional garage door repair contractor, like Integrity Garage Door Repair, is crucial. 

By entrusting the repair to experts, you can ensure your family’s safety, avoid further damage to your door and opener, and enjoy the convenience of a fully functional garage door once again. 

Don’t delay—promptly address a broken garage door spring to restore your garage’s security and functionality.


It is strongly advised against operating your garage door with a broken spring. Attempting to use the door can cause it to become unbalanced, strain the opener, and increase the risk of accidents. It’s essential to have the spring replaced before resuming regular use.

The lifespan of garage door springs can vary depending on usage, quality, and climate. On average, torsion springs last around 10,000 cycles (opening and closing), while extension springs have a lifespan of approximately 7 to 9 years. Regular maintenance and professional inspections can help identify signs of wear and prevent unexpected spring failures.